Company information


 We have been working hard for half a century since our foundation to maintain and maintain the severe natural environment of Japan and earthquakes and disasters.
Through product and service that was born from the idea of ​​”Do you do this more?” Among such activities at the work site, not only Japan but also the world peace of mind, safe and comfortable living With the belief that we want to make it richer, I would like to promote activities beyond the borders and regional framework.

Chief Executive Officer
Eiji Akita


Name Sanyo road industry Co.,Ltd
Head Office 1203-1,Shimotakakuranishi,Tsuyama-shi,Okayama 708-1198,Japan
Chief Executive Officer Eiji Akita
technical adviser Mutsuhito Yanai (doctorate of engineering)
Capital 50 million yen
Established Aplil,7,1967
Employees 49 (as of May 31, 2018)
Registration & permission Special-5019,Registration by Minister of Land(September 9,2015)
Financing Banks Chugoku Bank Tsuyama Branch Tsuyama Shinkin Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Himeji Branch
Branch Offices Okayama Sales Office 4th Floor, Tamasu eight Bldg.,1388-7,Tamasu,Okayama-shi,Okayama 701-1154 Japan 
Niimi Sales Office 802-7,Takao,Niimi-shi,Okayama 718-0003 Japan
Himeji Sales Office 32,Chounotsubo,Himeji-shi,Hyogo 670-0984 Japan
Hiroshima branch Office 2-9-24-102,Itsukaichi,Saeki-ku,Hirosima-shi,Hirosima 731-5127 Japan
Tokyo branch Office 4th Floor, Shoshin Bldg.,6-24-8,Nishikasai,Edogawa-ku,Tokyo 134-0088 Japan